National Science Foundation logoThe University of North Texas joined the NSF IUCRC program's Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center as an affiliate site in 2018. The Center supports industry-relevant, pre-competitive research, and development for new business development, workforce training, technology transfer and commercialization.

The center is supported through the U.S. National Science Foundation Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers program. The main purpose of the IUCRC is to support and development of long-term partnerships among industry, academe and government. The I-UCRC centers are catalyzed by an investment from the National Science Foundation and their growth and impact are primarily realized through partnerships from industry members, with NSF taking the supporting role in the development and evolution of each center.

A center is established to conduct pre-competitive industry-relevant research and development in unique expertise areas for increased industry engagement and support, new business development opportunities, and research capabilities of the center's faculty. Overall, the IUCRC program contributes to the nation’s research infrastructure base and enhances the intellectual capacity of the engineering and science workforce through the integration of research and education. As appropriate, an IUCRC uses international collaborations to advance these goals within the global context.

The CAC Center is an Industry-University Cooperative Research Center funded by the US National Science Foundation Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships.