Join Us

Why Join?

  • A targeted, low-risk, and cost-effective complement to selected in-house research and development.
  • Access to research expertise in emerging technologies, standards, and capabilities in Cloud and Autonomic Computing.
  • Proven model optimized for collaboration between industry, government, and academia.
  • Industry-research partnerships leading to new business development and commercialization opportunities.
  • Leveraged "force multiplier" to accelerate generation of new ideas for product innovation.
  • Opportunities to network and partner with technology leaders and innovators.
  • A single point source for emerging technologies and access to trained workforce.
  • Opportunity to establish high-quality, long-term relationships with researchers.
  • Federal funding opportunities for high risk innovations and spin-offs.

How to Join

A business can join the Center as an Industrial Member and sign a membership agreement with any of the participating sites in the center. Each industry member is entitled to a representative on the Industrial Advisory Board that governs the center's activities. These include project selection, bylaws from time to time, and setting new directions. Industrial members have non-exclusive royalty-free access to research conducted by the center. Other licensing agreements are also available. For further information about the center or memberships, please contact Ravi Vadapalli, Ph.D.,, 940-369-4060.