NSF CAC Center Semi-Annual IAB Meeting, Fall 2018

Who should attend the Fall 2018 meeting of the CAC Center's Industry Advisory Board?

Industry Advisory Board members, prospective member companies and/or their designated representatives should attend.

Note that voting will take place on industry-sponsored projects for the upcoming year for the center. National Science Foundation program officers or their appointed program evaluators are also welcome to attend, along with students and faculty members associated with CAC Center projects from all university sites. The CAC meeting is restricted to IAB members, NSF personnel and CAC Center university faculty or student project participants. Prospective members from companies or organizations interested in the CAC Center may request to attend the rest of the sessions of the meeting if desired, which requires signing a non-disclosure agreement.

What will happen at the meeting?

The primary purpose of the CAC Center meeting is to review progress on projects as well as proposals for new research projects to be presented to the Industry Advisory Board. The bulk of the agenda will be devoted to CAC Center site and project reports and on a prospectus for upcoming work to be conducted by the researchers of the center. The meeting will also include a review of the NSF IUCRC program, discussion and explanation of CAC Center by-laws, election of the CAC Center IAB chair and vice ­chair, and other IAB business.